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Course Schedule


UNIT ONE: Description

  • WEEK ONE: January 29, 2018​​

    • Monday - Introduction​ to syllabus; Read in class: Anne Lamott, "Shitty First Drafts"; Discuss and workshop: Portfolio Assignment #1: "What Matters to You"

    • ​​Wednesday - DUE: "What Matters to You": Portfolio Assignment #1; Bring required materials to class; Read for discussion: James Baldwin, "Letter To My Nephew"; Discuss and workshop: Descriptive Essay

  • WEEK TWO: February 5, 2018

    • Monday - ​ Discuss: "Ways to Wield Point of View" (Hoffman); Read for discussion: Gloria Anzaldua, "La Prieta"; Workshop: "Wielding Point of View": Portfolio Assignment #2

    • Wednesday - Discuss: "Melted-together Words," "Hieroglyphics," and "Superliteralism" (Hoffman, pp. 35-52); Read for discussion: Cherrie Moraga, "La Guera"; Workshop: "Wielding Point of View": Portfolio Assignment #2

  • WEEK THREE: February 12, 2018

    • Monday - ​DUE: "Wielding Point of View": Portfolio Assignment #2; Read for discussion: David Foster Wallace, "Consider the Lobster"; Workshop: Descriptive Essay

    • Wednesday -  Discuss: "Freighting" and "Telescoping" (Hoffman, pp. 16-29); Workshop: Descriptive Essay

  • WEEK FOUR: February 19, 2018

    • Monday - NO CLASSES (Holiday)

    • Wednesday - Peer Review: Descriptive Essay (bring typed rough draft to class); In-class reading: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me

UNIT TWO: Narration

  • WEEK FIVE: February 26, 2018

    • Monday - ​ DUE: Descriptive Essay; Introduction to Personal Narrative; Discuss: "Personal Narratives" (Seagull p. 58); Read for discussion: Coates, Between the World and Me, "Part One"; Workshop: Personal Narrative

    • Wednesday - Discuss: "Anecdoting," "Pulsing the Tense," "Splitting the Second" (Hoffman, pp. 96-108); Read for discussion: Coates, Between, "Part One," ctd.; Workshop: Personal Narrative

  • WEEK SIX: March 5, 2018

    • Monday -​ Discuss: "Very Short Sentences" (Hoffman, p. 31); Read for discussion: Alexander, "Introduction" and "Chapter One" of The New Jim Crow; Workshop: Personal Narrative

    • Wednesday - Read for discussion: Coates, Between, "Part Two"; Workshop: Personal Narrative

  • WEEK SEVEN: March 12, 2018

    • Monday - Read for discussion: ​Coates, Between, "Part Three"; Workshop: Personal Narrative

    • Wednesday - View and discuss: 13th: The Documentary; Workshop: Personal Narrative

  • WEEK EIGHT: March 19, 2018

    • Monday - Peer Review: Personal Narrative (bring typed rough draft to class)

    • Wednesday - DUE: Personal Narrative Essay; Introduction to Expository Writing; Discuss: "Rhetorical Analysis," "Literary Analysis," and "Annotated Bibliographies," (Seagull, p. 49, p. 62, p. 74); Workshop: Evaluating Coates' Between the World and Me: Portfolio Assignment #3


  • SPRING BREAK: March 26, 2018

    • Monday - NO CLASSES (Holiday)​

    • Wednesday - NO CLASSES (Holiday)

UNIT THREE: Expository Writing

  • WEEK NINE: April 2, 2018

    • Monday - ​Meet in Library Computer Lab: Presentation on Library Research Resources; Discuss: "BASTE: Ways to Research (Hoffman, pp. 248 ff)

    • WednesdayDUE: Evaluating Between the World and Me: Portfolio Assignment #3;  Discuss: "Annotated Bibliographies" (Seagull p. 74 ff);  "Doing Research" (Seagull, p. 90); "Evaluating Sources" (Seagull, p. 102); "Jousters: Logical Fallacies" (Hoffman, p. 240); Workshop: Annotated Bibliography

  • WEEK TWELVE: April 23, 2018

    • Monday - Peer Review: Annotated Bibliography (bring typed rough draft to class)

    • WednesdayDUE: Annotated Bibliography; Introduction to Narrative Persuasion; Read for discussion: Ellis et al., "Autoethnography"; Bryant Keith Alexander, "Critical Autoethnography" (2014); Discuss and workshop: "A Practice in Autoethnography": Portfolio Assignment #4

UNIT FOUR: (Personal / Narrative) Persuasion

  • WEEK SIXTEEN: May 21, 2018

    • Monday -​ Peer Review: Narrative Persuasion Essay (bring typed rough draft to class)

    • Wednesday - DUE: Narrative Persuasion Essay

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